About us - Sukufeeder

We, Sukufeeder, are one of the largest manufacturer of Air feeder| Pneumatic Feeder, Mechanical griper feeder, NC servo roll feeder, Zig Zag NC servo Roll feeder, Gear change feeders, straighteners/ levellers, Decoilers, Decoiler cum straightener, 3 in 1 servo feeder cum straightener cum Decoiler and Narrow width Cut to length Lines.

The company (Suku Coil Handling Pvt. Ltd.) is based on sound economic, technical/scientific and organizational principles. Starting its journey in 1992, since then we have come a long way and are in a position to have a say in future developments is a match for the challenges presented by the market and competition.

Suku is an independent company which is characterized by a high level of efficiency and which is always well equipped to meet all eventualities. A company which is always on the lookout for the latest developments in technology in the market. A company which has a say in determining trends and technologies in the field of pneumatics.

Suku applies special standards to its product range and to advice before and after sales. They sell products which are of benefit and nothing less. They form a team of sales engineers with up-to-date knowledge and they are always ready to deal with customers problems. They offer specialized, problem-oriented advice. Of course, at Suku, advice is not every thing and sales are not just a secondary matter. But we know what we owe our customers. In other words, advice and sales form a single unit for the benefit of the customer.

Vision & Mission


To become one stop solution for any need in metal forming industries. That's why, we are not only manufacturing the accessories of the Power Presses, but also trading HIGH SPEED PRESSES, Dies, Slitting Lines, through our corporation partnership with 3 major companies of China.


To keep adding/improvising the technology for the betterment of our customers & keep innovating new products for metal forming industry for all parts of our country and the world.

Leadership Team

Sukufeeder leaders Vishal Seth and Vivek Mishra

Vishal Seth & Vivek Mishra

Both - Vishal Seth and Vivek Mishra, are the stepping stone for Suku Coil Handling Pvt. Ltd. There responsibilities include overseeing the company's international operations as well. Both have played a key role in expanding and consolidating the Regional Sales & Services network countrywide, notably in important cities like Ludhiana, Pune, Vadodara, Mumbai, Coimbatore, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and more.

They have been the driving force behind the company's numerous technological innovations and breakthroughs and have helped actualize many improvements in diverse areas of production. Thanks to their continuing initiatives, the company promises true Zero Tolerance and customized products to its valued clients.

The company is really thankful for the commitment, honesty and hard work provided by their team of 100+ engineers.


Started manufacturing an important substitution product known as PNEUMATIC FEEDERS, for Indian market. It was previously been imported from Europe and USA.
The company was awarded by ITPO under the category "TECHNOLOGY UPGRADATION" for Indian industries.
Started manufacturing De-Coilers and Straighteners/Levellers.
Started manufacturing 2-in-1 Decoiler cum Straighteners.
Got the ISO-9001:2000 & CE Certification and started export of the Air Feeders.
Established one more factory in Noida and Started Manufacturing High Speed Mechanical Gripper Feeders (again an import Substitution product).
Established another Manufacturing Unit in Noida and started manufacturing NC servo Feeders and Narrow width cut to Length Lines.
Established another Manufacturing Unit in Greater Noida and started manufacturing 3-in-1 De-Coiler cum Straightener cum Servo Feeders and heavy capacity hydraulic de-coilers up to 30Tons.
Started a Unit in Noida having aim to join hands with leaders of world market and promote Heavy Duty Cut to length Lines, Slitting Lines and High Speed Power Presses and Carbide dies, Since that kind of quality was not being manufactured in India.
Became the Associates of the best company of China, for Slitting Lines and Cut to Length Lines. Our Team was well trained to provide installation and after sales support for the Lines being imported from China, through us.
Became the Associates of the best company of China, for HIGH SPEED POWER PRESSES LINES. Our team was well trained to provide installation and after sales support for the Lines being imported from Chins, through us.
Established another Manufacturing Unit and started manufacturing Gear Change Feeders, S-Type Straighteners and Double Side De-Coilers, for High Speed Presses. Hence our customer can buy the High Speed Presses from Yadon, China, and get the high speed feed line, from us, in India.
Stared corporation with Ningbo Zhenyu Technology Co. Ltd., China for lamination and stamping dies.
From their on, we have started taking turn key projects to manufacture the complete production line for many components.

Environment and Safety

Suku Coil Handling is committed to provide a safe and healthy work environment to their workers, associates, business partners, and neighbours, those who may be impacted by the company's activities. This commitment is in line with the Suku Coil Handling Pvt. Ltd.