Mechanical Gripper Feeders



  • Accurate and easy pitch adjustment.
  • Accuracy to the tume of ± 25microns, obtainable with piloting.
  • The Grippers are made out of carbide ot give life ling service.
  • All rotating parts are fitted with antifriction bearings to give long life and reduced maintenance.
  • High speed of upto 650 strokes per minute.
  • Roller Cam for Pilot release setting, which gives great precision in adjustment of the fixed gripper.
  • Micrometer pitch setting arrangement provided.
  • Silent in operation - no air required.
  • Trouble free in operation.
  • Mechanically synchronized with the press thus avoiding feeding mismatch at high speeds.
  • Drive from press crankshaft to the Feeder is fitted with an overload safety coupling.
  • Hardened gears provided in the right angle gear box for long life.
  • Stock buckling guides for thin material.
  • Easy setting for strip thickness.


Standard transmission including one 900 gear box, one connecting shaft (length must be adopted to the press dimensions) and one rubber coupling. (SUKU/11).

Transmission for speed over than 400 strokes/min including one 900 gear box and its support, one connecting shaft (length must be adopted to the press Dimensions), one flexible coupling and one angle setting coupling. Cascade roll basket to hold the strip on the entry side. Mounting bracket to be fixed to the press.

Machine Main Specification

Type Model Width (mm) Stroke Lenght (mm) Thickness (mm) Speed (max stroke/min)
SUKU 5A 10-130 5-130 0.1-2.5 650
SUKA 8A 15-205 5-200 0.1-2.5 500
SUKU 12A 32-310 10-310 0.2-3.0 400
SUKU 16A 32-410 10-400 0.2-3.0 300