FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Pneumatic Feeder

How to select proper model of the feeder?

Get information about the maximum strip width, maximum pitch length, maximum thickness , maximum strokes per minute of the power press. And you will get the required model, as per our standard models .

What is the max feeding speed of the feeders?

Air feeder / Pneumatic Feeder are suitable to run upto 8 to 10 meters per min.
Mechanical gripper feeders can run upto 20 meters per min.
Servo feeders can run upto 25 meters per min.
Gear change feeders can run upto 45 meters per min.

Air requirement in pneumatic feeders?

In case of medium duty feeders 5 to 6 bar pressure is required. And air volume required is 3 to 4 CFM. In case of heavy duty feeders 6 to 7 bar pressure is required. And air volume required is 4 to 6 CFM.

Accuracy in feeding?

Accuracy to the tune of 20 microns , or even better can be achieved, depending upon the Dies, material and the press.

How to increase the life of the feeders?

Use proper lubrication.
Air should be free from moisture.
There should be proper electrical supply, with no fluctuations.
The sliding area should be cleaned regularly. So that the dust is removed.


How to select DECOILERS?

As per your max width of the raw material, weight , coil ID and coil OD, proper model of the decoiler can be selected from our standard models.

If we are going for Straightner, can we go for non motorised decoiler?


How can we increase production in case of selecting the decoiler?

Go for double sided decoiler. Before one side material is finished, the coil can be loaded to other side. Hence the stop time is negligible and Production increases.


How to select a Straightner?

As per the width and the thickness of your raw material. Do not choose very wide range of thicknesses in one model. Better to send the above information to us, and we can suggest the proper model.

What is the function of the Straightner?

It remove the coil set, and minor burr. So that the same form of the sheet goes in the die, from the coil starting to the coil end. It works only ALONG THE GRAIN, and can rectify anything ACROSS THE GRAIN.